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  7. NeoRomantic (handmade)
  8. Neoromantic (machinemade)
  9. Barok or Damask (handmade)
  10. Barok or Damask (machinemade)
  11. Modern or Contemporary (handmade)
  12. Modern or Contemporary (machinemade)
  13. Shaggy (handmade)
  14. Shaggy (machinemade)
  15. Pop Art (handmade)
  16. Pop Art (machinemade)
  17. Kids (handmade)
  18. Kids (machinemade)
  19. Summer (handmade)
  20. Summer (machinemade)


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Wellcome to int.carpet.gr

Carpet.gr welcomes you to Royal Carpets international web site. Our goal is to offer advice, images and ideas to customers searching for floor covernings. You may search trough our online inventory looking over 30.000 different unique handmade items and 50 collections of tufted or machinemade rugs carefully designed and produced all over the globe. Behind Carpet.gr you may find some of the biggest manufacturing companies worldwide offering every possible quality and price range for your selection.

Recommended products

Iran Nomadic
Handmade nomadic woolen rugs made at the wider area of ancient Persepolis (Shiraz, which use mainly the Iranian Knotting and Quasquay, using the Turkish double knott) • Ver resistant and practical, they give an ethnik look to spaces • Prices vary from piece to piece because of different knotting, quality and import time.
from 120.00 €/m²
Fashion Ziegler
Modern mandmade rug using high quality handspun Gazni wool and natural dyes, similar with the Ziegler quality in costruction • The knotting is 10x10 knotts per sq.inch with cotton foundation and you may find many designs using eartly colors of beige and brown as well as colorfull red and orange color combinations.
from 120.00 €/m²
Jammu Silk
One of the best handmade classic qualities programmed and made by Royal Carpet, using high quality N.Zealand wool and 60-70% pure silk • Made from our partners at Northern India inside cottage industries with full control over the materials and the structure of each rug • Custom colors are the burgundy red, the black and the sand beige.
from 700 €/m²
Handmade contemporary rug with 80knotts Nepal weave and ecologic Bamboo handspun yarn, which has the same shinny looks as the original silk • A very new and stylish concept, designed by Royal Carpet and custom made in Northern India by our partners • All rugs are made without child labour (actually the manufacturer is one of the founders of Care and Fair institute, fighting the use of child labour at Nepal and India)
from 420.00 €/m²